Local band “Blue Train” from Auckland plays “Combover Blues” by Steve Sherriff’s original composition

The Auckland band, Blue Train, has just covered by Steve Sherriff’s composition “Combover Blues” that happened to be originally written for a blues music group. The song was originally released in 1981, but the popularity of the song gained momentum in 1992 when it was re-released on a compilation album titled “Blues from Down Home”.

The song remains popular to this day and is even sung in different languages – Portuguese, Spanish, and French.

The cover of the song was judged as one of the best local music covers on youtube by many New Zealanders.

Blue Train is a band from Auckland that plays the original composition of Steve Sherriff appropriately called “Combover Blues”. It is a cross-platform tune that combines blues, swing and jazz.

In September 2014, Blue Train was composed by Steve Sherriff. It tells a story about losing love in the distance. The band’s first album was released in February 2015 and it has been played at various festivals such as Auckland Jazz Festival and Rhythm & Vines Festival since then.

Blue Train is a local band from Auckland who plays blues and rock. They were formed in 2012 by members who had previously been in popular bands such as the Moutons, Sticky Cigarette, and Bilocation.

The origins of their band name can be traced to a train ride from Auckland to Hamilton where they all felt like they were on the blues train. However, their interpretation of the blues was different than what many people are used to hearing.

Blue Train’s lead singer was Steve Sherriff – an original composer who wrote over 1000 songs in his time as a songwriter – and they just released their first album “Combover Blues”.

The Auckland band Blue Train has taken a new approach in their latest release. They have released the song “Combover Blues” which is based on the famous jazz song “I Got Rhythm”.

The band’s lead singer, Jenny Mitchell, says this about their version: “We’ve always been enamored with jazz music and it’s been so great to see an artist like Steve Sherriff be acknowledged by a popular band.”

The Blue Train is known for blending traditional country music with more contemporary sounds of jazz and hip-hop. The blues genre is one that has been around for nearly 100 years and takes inspiration from African-American culture.

“Combover Blues” was written by Steve Sherriff which is a composition of 12 blues standards and it has since been recorded by the likes of Taj Mahal, Earl Hines, and Lead Belly.

In this piece, the band from Auckland is playing music from Steve Sherriff’s original piece. The band is also playing a part of the South African jazz song “Mantafelia” which was recorded by Chris McGregor.

Blue Train is a local band that plays blues music. They have been playing for more than 20 years and continue to do so despite the rise of other genres such as rock and pop. “Combover Blues” by Steve Sherriff is one of their songs and it tells us how they are feeling about being successful.

Blue Train’s “Combover Blues” tells us how they feel about being successful after playing for years. The lyrics talk about how they want to keep playing blues despite the changing trends in music.