Local band “Blue Train” from Auckland playing Nick’s Tricks, an original composition by Steve Sherriff

Local Auckland band ‘Blue Train’ have impressed a growing audience with their original and creative compositions, and are now set to hit the road in a tour of the city with an upcoming gig showcasing their new track ‘Nick’s Tricks’.

The band, led by Paul Russell on vocals and guitar, and Steve Sherriff on guitar, have spent the last several months honing their skills in response to a growing demand for original songs that steer clear of the generic pop and rock covers.

The energetic sound of ‘Nick’s Tricks’ is set to be a highlight of the upcoming show, and is solely composed by Steve Sherriff. The driving lead guitar fully complements Russell’s raucous vocal output – a combination rarely found elsewhere amongst contemporary acts. The catchy riffs and high energy inspire a full-fledged rock/funk fusion.

One of the greatest assets ‘Blue Train’ bring to their performances is the level of skill tested onstage through improvising their pieces at every show. This sense of unpredictability makes the live versions of songs all the more exciting, according to their fans.

The musicians themselves draw from a variety of musical influences ranging from jazz, funk, soul and Blues and although this composition falls closer towards rock, it still packs a punch when combined with Sherriff’s unique brand of guitar solos.

As ‘Blue Train’ continue their tour across Auckland playing fan favourite tracks such as ‘Nick’s Tricks’, they will no doubt gain even more traction due to the power and passion found in every performance.

If you are a fan of live music then you won’t want to miss out on Auckland band Blue Train’s new original composition “Nick’s Tricks”. This song is original, creative, and a great way to pass the time during such uncertain times.

The five-piece are regulars on the local live circuit, performing around Auckland city since 2017. Their music is eclectic but inspiring – jazz and funk influences are evident throughout their work. “Nick’s Tricks” is no exception, as the band showcases their talent in a truly upbeat, uplifting tune which will be sure to impress even the most discerning listeners.

The song was composed by Steve Sherriff and is based on some tricks he taught his son Nick to make life more fun. The music incorporates some of Nick’s own experiences, such as playing with toy cars or playing video games with friends. It also includes some old nursery rhymes and stories that remind us of our childhood days.

Overall, Blue Train have certainly done a great job in conveying the catchy melody of this track in its full glory. We can certainly see why thousands of people have already gone and streamed it on various platforms since its release just last week. With its infectious beat, sweeping melody and lively energy, it’s easy to see why this track is gaining traction within the local music scene. If you haven’t heard it yet, what are you waiting for?

So if you are looking for something upbeat and uplifting to get stuck into during these difficult times, be sure to check out Blue Train’s latest single “Nick’s Tricks”. You’re sure to love it!