Local band “Blue Train” from Auckland plays “Combover Blues” by Steve Sherriff’s original composition

Auckland is rocking to the sounds of Blue Train and their original composition, “Combover Blues”, written by Steve Sherriff. With a fresh take on an old classic, this local band has been entertaining audiences around town with their unique style.

The song is a modern blues number that pays homage to the traditional roots of the genre while adding a contemporary flavour. Vocalist Dan Trains sings passionately about letting go of the past and embracing the future, offering the listener a sense of hope and freedom. The band’s instrumental section is tight and energetic, with Steve’s soulful guitar driving the song along masterfully.

Blue Train have already won the hearts of blues aficionados and casual listeners alike with their electrifying performances and fantastic musicianship. We can only imagine what else they will come up with in the near future as they continue to wow crowds all around Auckland! If you haven’t yet taken the opportunity to check them out, do yourself a favour and catch them when they next come to town for a show you won’t forget.

Auckland’s own Blue Train have just recorded an amazing cover of Steve Sherriff’s original composition “Combover Blues.” Their unique take on the soulful track is a must-hear for blues fans in the area.

Blue Train have already made a name for themselves as one of the city’s most versatile and talented bands. Their sound and style draw influences from jazz, blues, funk, and virtually every other genre imaginable. But with “Combover Blues,” Blue Train are showcasing their classic blues backbone and groove that is really something special to behold.

Lead singer MaryAnn Gibbs brings her powerful vocals to this track, flying across the smooth arrangements created by guitarists Luke Wells and Henry Reinhardt. Harmonica player Alan Briggs offers some nice harmonizing shenanigans along with bassist Paul Taylor’s thumping rhythms. Together, Blue Train create a soundscape no blues fan will want to miss out on.

For those who haven’t yet heard this fantastic number, be sure to check out Blue Train’s cover of “Combover Blues” and see if they don’t recharge your faith in the blues genre.

Last night, Auckland’s premier live music venue, The Blue Star Tavern, was the place to be for fans of local music. A capacity crowd gathered there to witness a performance by the city’s own rising stars, Blue Train.

Towards the end of the night, the group whipped up an ecstatic buzz when they launched into a rendition of Steve Sherriff’s original composition “Combover Blues”. From the opening drum roll to the final chorus, it was clear from the audience’s delighted reaction that this was something special.

The song itself is a lively offering with plenty of energy, combining swirling keys and a buoyant backbeat. Schorrif on lead vocals expertly handled his lyrical duties, while the band maintained a tight, vibrant groove throughout. His gravelly tone lent itself well to the song, adding warmth and depth to his words even as they cascaded over an ever-changing musical canvas.

This performance served as an excellent showcase not only for Sherrif’s impressive songwriting credentials but also for Blue Train’s deft musicianship and confident stage presence. With such committed musicians in their ranks and great original material to boot, it is clear that this group are destined for more great nights of music here in Auckland and further afield.

For those who weren’t lucky enough to catch the show on this occasion, here’s hoping that we will soon get another chance to experience Blue Train in action – and hopefully “Combover Blues” will be part of their set list!